On Sat Night Oct 3rd the ILSS will hold the winged season chaampionships for the “stock motor” 1000cc lightning sprints at the 1/4 mi track at Peoria Speedway at 3520 W. Farmington Rd. in Peoria IL. This will be the final race of 2015 season and the final race for the ILSS. We pull the plug on a very successful run for the stock motor lightning sprints over the past 7 years. With low car counts after taking off the wings and adding the ecotech midgets to get a field of cars it was time for a change. The new Central Illinois Mini Sprint Series will debut in 2016. This series will be ran by a group of drivers who wanted to go back to the grass roots of the series and put the wings back on like the ILSS was intended to be. With having to take the wings off the last couple of seasons 8 cars have either parked their equipment from racing or sold out completely. Info on the new series can be found at www.cimsracing.com or at cimsracing@outlook.com. Hope to see all at the winged race at Peoria Speedway.

Bruns tops Lincoln Season Championship

Patrick Bruns of Champaign IL driving the Gary Mallonee #31J took home the 20 lap Season Championship on Fri night at Lincoln Speedway, Bruns made a clean sweep by winning the 3rd heat and started on the pole after pole setter Andy Baugh took the Conklin Ag Products front row challenge and went to the back.  Bruns lead all 20 laps and spoiled the bid by Baugh to try and win the $1300 bonus. Baugh who had his #6B stock motor car up to 4th spot on lap 6 just didnt have enough to take the #1 spot as Bruns lead all 20 laps of the SPEEDWAY MOTORS Feature event. Jackie Willis Jr took home 3rd place with Tyler Roth in 4th place. Andy Baugh,Jackie Willis Jr and Patrick Bruns won the Keizer Wheels 8 lap Heat races.

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #1.   1. Andy Baugh 2. Brandon Smith  3. Austin Archdale 4. AJ Felker 5. Beau Burnett 6. Chase McDermand

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #2.  1.Jackie Willis Jr. 2. Mitchell Davis 3. Tyler Roth 4. Robby McQuinn 5. John Heitzman 6. Johnny Murdock-

Keizer Wheels Heat #3. 1.Patrick Bruns 2. Max Pozsgai 3. TJ Bolen 4. Todd Baker 5. Daniel Robinson

Speedway Motors / Henchcraft Chassis 20 Lap Feature

1. #31J-Patrick Bruns-Champaign

2.#6B-Andy Baugh-Mason City

3. #17W-Jackie Willis Jr-Mason City

4. Tyler Roth–St Louis

5. Mitchell Davis-Auburn

6. #11- Brandon Smith-Mason City

7.0B-Daniel Robinson

8. #09-Robby McQuinn-Springfield

9. #2-Austin Archdale–Brimfield

10.#7Max Pozsgai–Springfield

11. #98-TJ Bolen–Peoria

12. #48-Todd Baker-Lewistown

13. #75-John Heitzman–Green Valley

14. 92-Beau Burnett–Knoxville

15. # 40jr-Chase McDermand-Springfield

16.#7X-AJ Felker

17.#0-Johnny Murdock-St Louis-dns

The last race for the ILSS will be on Oct 3rd at Peoria Speedway and this will be a winged race. This will be the last race for the ILSS as the series will disband after Oct 3rd.



The ILSS race this Sat Night Sept 5th at Macon Speedway has been canceled due to a projected low car count. Talked to some of our members and they were not sure which race they were going to support so for the sake of Macon Speedway and the ILSS it is sad but this race has ben canceled. Special thanks to Bob Sargent and the entire staff at Macon Speedway for allowing the ILSS to race at Macon the last couple of years. It is sad guys would not support the ILSS in one of the best facilities in the midwest for our type cars.