McQuinn Tops Season Championship Archdale takes Title

On the season championship night at Peoria Speedway on Sat it was cold night for racing but the action on the track was hot. Rookie driver Robby McQuinn of Springfield stole the show and took home the top honors winning the season championship event. With the attention focused on the series point battle between Gedd Ross and Austin Archdale the night belonged to Robby. With Austin and Gedd winning heat race action and Geed doing the redraw with the #3 drawn this inverting 6 cras for the A-Main event. Robby who finished 3rd in his heat would start on the pole with Andy Baugh on his out side. With a very fast and smooth racing surface Robby would grab the lead at the start with Dave Baugh, Andy Baugh and Austin Archdale in tow for lap one. On lap 2 Austin would get by Andy with Gedd running in 6th spot behinbd Mitchell Davis.  Gedd would slip by Mitchell in turn 1 and move into 5th spot behind Andy Baugh. With Robby stil in the lead and Dave Baugh 2nd Austin 3rd and Gedd would move past Andy Baugh on lap 9 and move to 4th behind Austin. Robby would still lead on lap 12 when lapped traffic came in to play and he worked his way through and on lap 17 Austin would get by Dave for 2nd in lapped traffic off of turn 2 and Dave would fall to 3rd spot. Andy Baugh would regain 4th spot and Gedd would be in 5th spot.When the checkerd flag came out on the caution free 20 lap event Robby would claim the win with Austin 2nd Dave Baugh 3rd and Gedd in 4th spot. With the season point title on the line with Austin finishing in 2nd spot and Gedd in 4th spot Austin would win the title by a slim 2 points. Mitchell Davis would take home 5th spot in the Feature.It was a great season of racing in the very affordable stock motor racing ILSS.

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap heat #1====1.Austin Archdale  2. Dave Baugh  3. Anndy Baugh  4. Terry Bolen  5. Jake Sollenberger  6. Andrew Funk

Keizer Wheels 8 lap Heat #2====1. Gedd Ross   2. Mitchell Davis

3. Robby McQuinn 4. Brent Burrows  5. T.J. Bolen  6. Shane Morgan

7. Rodney Bowman

Speedway Motors–Roger Bess Trucking–SBG-Logistics 20 Lap Feature

1. #09–Robby McQuinn–Springfield

2. #2–Austin Archdale– Brimfield

3.#7–Dave Baugh–Bloomington

4. #51R–Gedd Ross–Havana

5. #56–Mitchell Davis–Auburn

6. #6B–Andy Baugh–mason City

7. #51–Brent Burrows–Lewistown

8. 2X–T.J. Bolen-Peoria

9. #15M–Shane Morgan–Creve Coeur

10. #42–Terry Bolen

11. #5–Jake Sollenberger

12.#4–Andrew Funk–Morton

13. #75B–Rodney Bowman–]dns]


The ILSS has suffered anothe rain out this makes 6 in the last couple of months. Norm Horn track Operator confirmed the cancellation with a phone call to Roger Sollenberger. This will make Peoria Speedway for the final night of points for the 2014 season. Hopefully this race will go on. In the event Peoria is rained out the final points will be over and a champion crowned. With the 2 throw outs coming into play this will change the final standings if rain outs come into play all the way to 15 place.

Austin Archdale takes an emotional win at Macon Speedway

The “Renegade Rocket” Austin Archdale of Brimfield won an emotional victory on Sat night at the Macon Speedway. Austin who attended his great Grandfather Al Archdale Sr funeral in the afternoon after his passing earlier in the week told his mother that he was going to win tonight for Grandpa Al. Austin lived up to his comment and topped the field in an awesome race. Austin would finish 2nd in his heat race behind Andy Baugh and Robby McQuinn would win heat 2. Robby would do the redraw for the 20 lap Feature and pulled a 3 thus inverting 6 cars. Father andson Andrew Funk would start on the pole with his dad Brad on the outside. Row 2 found Gedd Ross on the inside and Austin on the out side. At the drop of the green Andrew would grab the lead and Brad would drop to the bottom in 2nd place  and this opened up the top lane and Austin would move to 2nd behind Andrew. On lap 2 Austin running against the cushion would get by Andew and set sail.Austinwould open up a straight away lead over Andrew and on lap 5 Robby McQuinn running in 5th spot would get into the back stretch wall and get upside down bringing out the red flag. On the restart Gedd Ross would move into the runner up spot as Austin pulled away again and Andy Baugh would move into 3rd spot. On lap 8 Larry Eastin would take over 4th spot . Wiith Austin running the cushion and with a big lead Gedd and Andy Buagh would have a fierce battle for the 2nd spot. On lap 8 Andrew Funk who was running 5th lost a motor and brought out another caution. On the start Austin would get up on the cushion and take a 1/2 straight away lead with Gedd and Andy in a tight battle for 2nd. Andy would use a turn 2 dive to the bottom and move to 2nd place. On lap18anothercaution came out for Jake Sollenberger spun in turn 2 and bunched up the filed again. Austin would dive into the cushion again on the restart and Andy would go to the bottom but did not have enogh to get by. Austin would take the checkers ahead of Andy with Brad Funk running the bottom grove making a late charge tofinish an impressive 3rd spot with Larry Eastin 4th and Beau Burnett making a very impressive run to finish in the 5th spot. Gedd Ross would end up in 6th place. T.J. Bolen who lost a motor in hot laps and unable to race. Austin brought out his back up Renegade and let T.J race it after making the long haul to Macon and not able to race.

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #1.—1. Andy Baugh–2. Austin Archdale–3. Brad Funk  4–Lucas Eastin  5.–Beau Burnett  6.–T.J Bolen  7.–Larry Eastin

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #2—1. Robby McQuinn  2.–Gedd Ross–3.–Andrew Funk 4.–Terry Bolen  5. John Heitzman..6.–Jake Sollenberger

Speedway Motors–Roger Bess Trucking –SBG Logistics  20 Lap A-Main

1. #2–Austin Archdale–Brimfield

2. #6B–Andy Baugh–Mason City

3. #4–Brad Funk–Morton

4. #0–Larry Eastin–Atwood

5.#92–Beau Burnett–Knoxville

6. #51R–Gedd Ross–Havana

7.#1–Lucas Eastin–Oakland

8.#42–Terry Bolen–Peoria

9.# 2X–T.J. Bolen–Peoria

10.#5–Jake Sollenberger–Canton

11.#75B–John Heitzman–Green Valley

12. #8–Andrew Funk–Morton

13. # 09–Robby McQuinn–Springfield

The ILSS will close out the season on Fri Night Oct 3rd with a non wing race at Lincoln Speedway and the the grand finale on Sat night Oct 4th at the Peoria Speedway. Come check out the last 2 nights of an awesome ILSS season.