Weyant tops Speedway Motors A-Main at Lincoln

The ILSS cars were back in action on Fri Night at the Lincoln Speedway and Springfield hot shoe Korey Weyant won the 16 car Speedway Motors Feature Event. Weyant and Andy Baugh who won heat races were disqualified for not coming directly to the weigh scales after their 8 lap heats were complete and had to start the 20 lap event from the rear. This would put Mitchell Davis and Larry Eastin on the front row. Mitchell would take the lead at the drop of the green Eastin, Brent Burrows in tow and Robby McQuinn in 4th. Weyant and Baugh would start thier run to the front and start to pick off cars every lap. Mitchell would lead until lap 10 when Weyant took over with Andy moving to 3rd. baugh would get by Mitchell on the next lap and get by Weyant on the backstrech. Andy would spin on the next lap in turn 4 and Weyant would regain the lead. On lap 12 Rookie Robby McQuinn took a nasty end over flip in turn 4 and came to rest on his wheels. Robby was okay and was able to restart the event. A hard battle for 3rd went on between Austin Archdale and Gedd Ross as Andy had worked his way from the back to the runner up spot behind Weyant. Austin would squeeze out Ross by the front bumper at the finish and Mitchell Davis would finish in the 5th spot. Mitchell Davis and Brent Burrows would win the Keizer Wheels 8 lap heat races.

Keizer Wheels 8 lap heat #1:  1.Brent Burrows  2.Larry Eastin  3. Jeff Mallonee  4.Dave Baugh  5. Lucas Eastin  6. Terry Bolen  7.T.J. Bolen  8 Korey Weyant

Keizer Wheels 8 lap heat #2:  1. Mitchell Davis  2. Robby McQuinn  3.Austin Archdale  4. Jake Sollenberger  5. Gedd Ross  6. Andrew Funk  7. Brad Funk  8.Andy Baugh

SPEEDWAY MOTORS 20 Lap Feature Event

1.#7x-Korey Weyant–Springfield

2.#6B–Andy Baugh–Mason City

3.#2-Austin Archdale–Brimfield

4.#51R-Gedd Ross–Havana

5. #56-Mitchell Davis–Auburn

6.#5-Jake Sollenberger–Canton

7.#31J-Jeff Mallonee-Davenport Ia.

8.#7-Dave Baugh–Bloomington

9.#51-Brent Burrows–Lewistown

10.#71-Lucas Eastin-Oakland

11. #09-Robby McQuinn–Springfield

12.#8–Andrew Funk–Morton

13.#17-Larry Eastin–Atwood

14.#42–Terry Bolen–Morton

15.#75–T.J. Bolen–Peoria

16.#4–Brad Funk–Morton

The ILSS cars and stars will be in action on Fri Night July 25th at the Jacksonville Raceway with the MOWA 410 Sprint Week and then to the Mighty Macon Speedway on Sat Night July 26th with MOWA Sprint Week . Fri night is a wing race and Sat night is a non wing race. Any chain drive lightning sprint is welcome to come and get some of the action.

“BIG RACES” on tap for ILSS

The ILSS will enter the stretch run in their 2014 schedule with 12 races remain. The series will kick in the 2nd half of the season with some of the biggest and most important races on the 2014 schedule. It all kicks off on Fri Night July 25th at the Jacksonville Speedway with a wing race as a support class with the MOWA 410 Sprint Week and then move the next night on Sat Night July 26th to the Mighty Macon Speedway for a non wing event as another support class for MOWA Sprint Week. On Aug 2nd the ILSS will invade the Fairbury American Legion Speedway for the 1st time in the history of the series for a wing event. The biggest race of the 2014 ILSS season will fall on Sat Night Aug 23rd at the LaSalle Speedway as a support class with 2 of the biggest sprint cars series in the mid west the IRA 410 Series for WI and the MOWA Series form IL. This will bring those 2 great groups for the Midwest 410 Showdown and the ILSS cars are a support class with the WIMS lightning sprint group from WI. for this great event. Any chain drive lightning sprint car is welcome to come and race these great races. You may go to the ILSS web site illinoislightningsprintseries.com for rules . Come and get you some awesome lightning sprint racing.