ILSS on Stretch RUN no race this Fri @ Lincoln

The 2014 ILSS season is winding down with 5 races left on the schedule. This Fri night Sept 19th has been canceled due to other obligations at the Logan Co. Fairgrounds for the Rail Splitters.  We will be back in action on Sat Night Sept 20th at the nations fastest 1/5th mi dirt track at Macon Speedway. It was the 2nd straight night for the ILSS cars to have a photo finish in some thrilling open wheel action. The stock motor 1000cc cars put on a great show the last 2 races and this Sat will be no different. Gedd Ross of Havana beat Austin Archdale to the line in the 20 Lap Feature on Sat. These 2 drivers have a had a fierce battle for the 2014 point title so far with Gedd on top by less than 12 points heading into the final 5 races of the season. The ILSS is shaping up to be one of the fastest most affordable type of open wheel race car with the 1000cc stock motor pacakge. This has proved that the stock motors is the way to go and the last few weeks have proven that to be true. A couple of cars that have raced and 1 still racing that are for sale and ready for a new owner. If you want to get in on the fun come down to Macon Speedway on Sat night and look up Brad Funk car #4 and Erik Sollenberger car #2 . The 2 car has won 4 point championships and still runs up front. These 2 cars are for sale and some one could get a top notch car for the 2015 ILSS season.

Gedd Ross takes thriller at Macon

Gedd Ross of Havana IL took home the Speedway Motors-Roger Bess Trucking-SBG Logistics 20 lap A-main on Sat night at Macon Speedway. It was the 2nd straight night for a photo finish . Ross edged brimfield’s Austin Archdale at the finish line as the top 6 spots changed on the last lap. A stellar field of 20 ILSS cars were on hand for the night of racng on the nations fastes and “SMOOTHEST” 1/5 mi. dirt oval . Bob Sargent and the staff do an excellent job. Gedd Ross and Robby McQuinn {ri night winner} would bring the 20 car field to the green flag. Gedd would get the jump at the start with Robby 2nd and Brayton Lynnin 3rd and Andy Bradley in 4th. On lap 5 Austin Archdale would move to 4th behind Lynn. A yellow on lap 6 for BrentBurrows spin in turn 2  would bunch up the field. Gedd and robby would put on a fierce battle for the lead running the next few laps side by side for the lead. Gedd would lead one lap Robby would lead one lap as they battled back and forth for the lead.While that was going on for the lead behind them Austin would move to 3rd spot after getting by Brayton on lap 11. The 2nd caution would come out on the back stretch as Mitchell davis and Brayton Lynn got together. On the restart Gedd,Robby and Austin would put on a great battle for the #1 spot with Andy Bradley a close 4th . On the 16th lap Austin would get by Robby for 2nd and close the gap on Gedd for the lead. Austin would lead on lap 17 and Gedd would regain the lead on lap 18. Robby would get high in turn 4 on the last lap and Brad Funk would move in to 4th spot. Andy Bradley would move to 3rd on the last lap Brad would move up to 4th and Scott Bradley would move into 5th spot and Robby would drop to 6th, The top 6 spots would change on the final lap and Gedd and Austin would cross the finish line side by side and Gedd winning by the frontbumper for the 2nd straight photo finish for the checkers.

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #1—1.Jake Sollenberger  2. Brayton Lynn  3.Brad Funk  4.Andrew Funk 5. T.J. Bolen  6. John Heitzman  7. Brent Burrows

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #2—1. Andy Bradley  2. Robby McQuinn  3. Scott Bradley  4. Lyle Eastin  5. Mitchell Davis  6. Rick Huffman  7. Luke Cone

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #3—-1.Austin Archdale  2. Gedd Ross  3. Larry Eastin  4. Terry Bolen  5. Kellen Homburg  6. Justin Lewis

Speedway Motors–Roger Bess Trucking—SBG  Logistics 20 Lap Feature

1. #51R–Gedd Ross–Havana IL

2. #2–Austin Archdale–Brimfield IL

3. #86–Andy Bradley–Bloomington IN.

4, #4–Brad Funk–Morton IL

5. #1X–Scott Bradley–Bloomington IN.

6. #09–Robby McQuinn–Springfield IL

7. # 5–Jake Sollenberger–Canton IL

8.# 42–Terry Bolen–Peoria IL

9. #51–Brent Burrows–Lewistown IL

10. #56–Mitchell Davis–Auburn IL

11. #77L–Justin Lewis–Logansport IN.

12. #11-Lyle Eastin–Oakland IL

13. #11K-Kellen Homburg–Bloomington IN.

14. #50-Luke Cone–Owensbourgh KY.

15. #8–Andrew Funk–Morton IL.

16. #75B-John Heitzman–Green Valley IL

17. #1- Larry Eastin–Oakland IL

18. #7X- Brayton Lynn–IL.

19. #75–T.J. Bolen–Peoria IL.

20. # 6pack–Rick Huffman–Peoria IL

NEXT ILSS RACE Sat Night Sept 20th macon Speedway. Pits open at 4pm hot laps at 5pm and racing at 7pm. The ILSS will be a support class with the MOWA 410 Sprint Cars on sat.

McQuinn Tops Lincoln Feature

History was made on Fri Night at the Lincoln Speedway as Springfield’s Robby McQuinn took home the 20 lap Speedway Motors Feature event, Robby became the 1st Rookie driver to win an A Main event in his rookie season. Robby had to work for the win as he battled with Gedd Ross and Austin Archdale the entire 20 laps. Gedd would take the lead at the drop of the green and Austin and Robby in pursuit. A caution on lap 8 for thr Andrew Funk in turn one for a frozen right front brake brought the 8 machine to a halt. Gedd would bring the field to the green and as they entered turn one Gedd would go high and Robby to the bottom and Austin would shoot through the middle to take thye lead. Austin would lead until Robby would regain the lead on the white flag lap with Gedd clsoe behind in 3rd place and Mitchell Davis in 4th. Coming off of turn 4 for the checkers Austin would shoot to the top and it was a photo finish with Robby winning by the paint on the front bumper that is how close it was at the finish. Gedd would end up 3rd with Mitchell 4th and Jake Sollenberger in 5th place. Keizer Wheels Heat wins went to Jake Sollenbergerafter Mitchell was DQ for not coming to weigh and Gedd Ross won heat 2.

Keizer Wheels Heat #1—–1 Jake Sollenberger 2.John Springer  3. T.J Bolen 4. Shane Morgan  5. John Heitzman  6. Brent Burrows 7. Mitchell Davis-DQ

Keizer Wheels Heat #2—–1. Gedd Ross  2. Austin Archdale  3. Robby McQuinn 4. Brad Funk  5. Terry Bolen  6.Andrew Funk

Speedway Motors–Roger Bess Trucking–SBG Logistics  20 Lap Feature

1. #09–Robby McQuinn–Springfield

2. #2-Austin Archdale–Brimfield

3. #51R-Gedd Ross–Havana

4. #56-Mitchell Davis–Auburn

5.#5–Jake Sollenberger–Canton

6.#15M–Shane Morgan–Creve Ceour

7.#42-Terry Bolen–Peoria

8.#4-Brad Funk–Morton

9. #3-John Springer–Bushnell

10.#75B-John Heitzman–Green Valley

11.8-Andrew Funk–Morton

12. #51–Brent Burrows–Lewistown

13.#75–T.J. Bolen Peoria