In an earlier post there will be no dry sump systems allowed at the race this week end in Fairbury IL. This has stirred some questions and for the best interest of the ILSS and the BESS Family this action was taken. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Baugh takes 3rd straight win at Macon

The “Mason City Maniac” Andy Baugh picked up his 3rd straight ILSS Feature on sat night at Macon Speedway. Andy who won the 1st 8 lap heat race started on the pole with the 2nd heat winner Austin Archdale on the outside. Andy would grab the lead at the start  with Austin in tow.On lap 2 the caution would come out in turn 2 for Dave Baugh who became air born and landed on all 4 wheels. Dave suffered a “Compression” in his back and will be out for a while. Andy would lead the final 12 laps with Austin in tow and Robby Mcquin in 3rd and Gedd Ross in 4th. They would run in that order for the checkers. AJ Hill would also get his car upside down in turn 3 of heat race #2. AJ had back issues and was checked out by the ambulance crew and he came back to start the Feature event.

Keizer Wheels Heat Race #1:  1Andy Baugh  2. Brandon Smith 3.Gedd Ross 4.Chase McDermand 5.Jake Sollenberger

Keizer Wheels Heat Race #2:  1. Austin Archdale 2. Robby McQuinn 3.Dave Baugh 4. Brett Davis 5.AJ Hill

Speedway Motors / Henchcraft Chassis 15 Lap Feature

1.6B-Andy Baugh–Mason City

2–2-Austin Archdale–Brimfield

3.–09–Robby McQuinn–Springfield

4.–51R–Gedd Ross–Havana

5.11–Brandon Smith–Mason City

6–56–Brett Davis–Auburn

7.–40jr–Chase McDermand–Springfield

8.–5–Jake Sollenberger–Canton

9.–1–AJ Hill–Bartonville

10.–7–Dave Baugh–Bloomington

NEXT race Sat Night Aug 1st Fairbury American legion Speedway $2000 to win and $100 to start the 22 car field. Pits open at 3pm hot laps at 6pm racing at 7pm.