The ILSS race this Sat Night Sept 5th at Macon Speedway has been canceled due to a projected low car count. Talked to some of our members and they were not sure which race they were going to support so for the sake of Macon Speedway and the ILSS it is sad but this race has ben canceled. Special thanks to Bob Sargent and the entire staff at Macon Speedway for allowing the ILSS to race at Macon the last couple of years. It is sad guys would not support the ILSS in one of the best facilities in the midwest for our type cars.

Archdale and Smith take Peoria A-Mains

The ILSS cars had their make up feature form June 13th rescheduled for Sat Aug 22nd at Peoria Speedway  and the weather was perfect . The racing surface was one of the best we have raced on all year smooth and lightning fast. Austin Archdale of Brimfield took his pole position to the front and lead all 12 laps to take the win. Brent Burrows was 2nd and Rookie Brandon Smith was 3rd . The regular program for the ILSS saw Austin Archdale and Brandon Smith take the 8 lap heat races. With Brandon drawing the 0 pill the 2nd Feature had a heads up start. With Austin on the pole and Brandon on the outside of row 1 Austin would take the lead at the green with Brandon running a close 2nd and Brent 3rd and Brad Funk 4th. A caution would come out on the white flag lap for the stalled car of John Heitzman in turn 3. On the restart with one lap to go Austin would take the filed to turn 1 and at the exit of turn 2 grazed a mine tire and Brandon slipped by on the inside and Brent on the out side. They would run 3 wide down the back stretch and Brandon would squeeze out the win with Austin 2nd and Brent 3rd and Brad Funk in 4th.Brandon is only the 2nd driver to ever win an A – Main in their rookie season. Great job and great racing . It was an awesome night of racing with a throwed back comfortable  night with all having a great time . Jason and Brandon did one heck of a job and a perfect track.

Speedway Motors / Henchcraft Chassis Rained out 12 lap Feature form June 13th

1.#2-Austin Archdale–Brimfield

2.#51-Brent Burrows–Lewistown

3.#11–Brandon Smith–Mason City

4. #5-Jacob Sollenberger–Canton

5. #48–Todd Baker–Lewistown

6. #75-TJ Bolen–Peoria

Aug 22nd Regular Night of Racing

Keizer Wheels 8 Lap Heat #1 : 1.Austin Archdale 2.Brent Burrows.3.Brad Funk 4. Todd Baker 5. Jerry Petty

Keizer Wheels Heat #2: 1. #11-Brandon Smith 2. Jake Sollenberger  3. Andrew Funk 4.John Heitzman 5. TJ Bolen

Speedway Motors / Henchcraft Chassis 15 Lap Feature

1.  #11–Brandon Smith–Mason City

2. #2–Austin Archdale–Brimfield

3. #51–Brent Burrows–Lewistown

4. #4–Brad Funk–Morton

5. #8-Andrew Funk–Morton

6. #5–Jacob Sollenberger-Canton

7. #48–Todd Baker–Lewistown

8. #75H–John Heitzman–Green Valley

9. #42–TJ Bolen–Peoria

10.#10J-Jerry Petty–Litchfield

Fairbury Huge Success

The 2nd annual Willard Bess Memorial on sat Night at the legendary Fairbury American Legion Speedway was a huge success drawing cars from 6 states. Andy Baugh of Mason City took home the win. Baugh started on the pole and lead all 20 laps but the biggest battle of the night was for the runner up spot. Don Harvey of Milford New York and Austin Archdale of Brimfield battled the entire 20 laps for the 2nd spot. A restart on lap 17 brought out the red flag when Mark Billings of Columbia Mo. got up side down in turn 4. Baugh would brin them to the green on a slow restart and Austin would jump to the high side and get by Don with 2 laps to go. Austin would run out of laps to catch the leader. Heat races were won by Andy Baugh, Don Harvey and Austin Archdale.

Keizer Wheels 8 lap Heat #1::  1.Andy Baugh  2. Michael Lebenda 3. Brad Funk 4. Bobby Layne 5. Chase McDermand 6. Jerry Petty

Keizer Wheels 8 lap Heat Race #2:: 1.Don Harvey 2. Gedd Ross 3. Tom Brown 4. Andrew Funk 5. Robby McQuinn 6.gabe Maycock 7. Brent Burrows

Keizer Wheels  8 lap Heat #3:: 1. Austin Archdale 2. Mark Billings 3. Mitchell Davis 4. Jake Sollenberger 5. Terry Bolen 6. TJ Bolen 7. John Heitzman 8. Todd Baker

Willard Bess Memorial 20 Lap Feature Event.

1.#6B–Andy Baugh–Mason City IL

2.#2–Austin Archdale–Brimfield IL

3. #44-Don Harvey–Milford New York

4. #B20–Tom Brown–Ceresco Nebraska

5. #51R–Gedd Ross–Havana IL

6. #09–Robby McQuinn–Springfield IL

7. #01–Bobby Layne–Kansas City Kansas

8.#8–Andrew Funk Morton IL

9. #56–Mitchell Davis–Auburn IL

10. 51–Brent Burrows–Lewistown IL

11.#4–Brad Funk–Morton IL

12. #5–Jake Sollenberger–Canton IL

13. #10J-Jerry Petty–Litchfield IL

14. #40JR–Chase McDermond–Springfield IL

15. #42-Terry Bolen–Peoria IL

16. #48–Todd Baker–Lewistown IL

17. #75–John Heitzman–Green Valley IL

18. #60E–Mark Billings Columbia Mo.

19.1won–Michael LaBenda– Augres Michigan

20. #98–TJ Bolen–Peoria

21-#98M-Gabe maycock–